Raising Mr. Curiosity

He doesn't care that I'm in the middle of reading as he shoves a marker and yet another piece of paper on top of my open book. It's the 4th 'Can you draw this?' request of the morning, and it's only 8:05 a.m. "Mom! I want to learn about pterodactyls. How did they die? Can... Continue Reading →

Learning to savour…

I read the text message that had just come in on my phone... “Hey! We’re going away again this summer, would your family like to come stay at our house for a few weeks?” She meant her house... the one steps away from the beach, her house stocked with LEGO, water guns, books, and toys.... Continue Reading →

But always try to be kind…

"He did what now?" "You need to say sorry to him! Go on, give him a hug!" "We don't hurt our brothers." These phrases are said a lot in our home right now... I have four boys, four growing boys, who seem to get a surge of testosterone with every growth spurt they encounter. The... Continue Reading →

Spontaneous Vacations

It started as a pretty regular Monday morning... During breakfast I wrote a sentence on our board for the two little boys, and then I turned away to make some coffee. When I looked back at the board, big brother had come and gone, but he had most assuredly left his mark. These days of... Continue Reading →

“It’s my birthday?!”

"Mama! Why so many balloons out there?!" The little face standing beside my bed whispered. I could feel his breath on my eyeballs. He had just walked through a small sea of balloons across the living room floor to get to my bedroom. "It's your birthday buddy! You're three now!" I answered with a grin... Continue Reading →

“Mom, have you seen my…?

These are the introductory words to many a sentence around here... It's like a skill testing challenge in which I have mere seconds to prove my memory capabilities. For instance: "Mom, have you seen my pants?" is a complex question. "Your jogging pants? Your adventure pants? (AKA the grey quick dry track pants... obviously) Your jeans?... Continue Reading →

Truth Unchanging

I'm always scouring the earth (or internet bookstores, for the sake of accuracy) for good solid encouraging mom devotionals, and I'm always looking to add to my collection. Recently, I found this gem. Truth Unchanging by Becky Thompson. She had me at the title... I'm a firm supporter of unchanging truth... For me, this book has been an... Continue Reading →

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