Stuck on the Ferris Wheel

"Mom! Can we ride the Ferris wheel?? Please??!" The plan was simple. My husband and I were going to divide and conquer inside the middle of the Disney California Adventure park. He would take our 8 year old on the 'Incredicoaster,' complete with its upside down mid-section, and I would take the other 3 boys... Continue Reading →

Leaving… on a jet-plane.

Family vacations hold a super special place in my heart. Every summer my parents would take us 4 kids on road-trips all over Canada and the United States. On my 7th birthday we spent the day at Disney World, which was a pretty hefty drive from our home in Ontario. But we did it, and... Continue Reading →

The story of our little house.

It was three weeks into my husband's new job in downtown Vancouver. He said, "This is crazy... I'm going to sit in traffic morning and night and never see you guys... What if we moved closer?" To which I said, "If we're going to move closer, why not move closest?" A few weeks later my... Continue Reading →

Finding ‘quiet time’ with 4 noisy kids.

"Guys! Quick! Look at Mom! She cracked open a book and sat down peacefully with her coffee ready to read... That's our signal...  If somebody could start spontaneously bleeding from a tooth that would be awesome. We also need another volunteer to ask her incessant questions, and one other brother to complain about his breakfast,... Continue Reading →

“Are they all yours?”

I suspect if we lived in the suburbs we wouldn't get stopped and asked this question nearly every single day of our lives. Maybe we would just be another family with a bunch of kids that lived in that house on the street... but somehow when you live smack dab in the downtown core of... Continue Reading →

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