Poetry with 4 boys.

  "Your teacher said we need to do some poetry this term..." I said the words to him like any good homeschooling mama would as he stared at me with a face of, "You must be joking." I wasn't joking. Did you know April is national poetry month? It's true. I read it on the internet... Continue Reading →

Post Holiday Homeschooling

This week is 'back to school' after two weeks of spring break. That's two weeks of 'not much of a routine,' and 'feel free to forget which direction to write a lowercase d.' Two weeks of 'wandering aimlessly around the house' because you have too much free time now that Mom isn't grabbing you every... Continue Reading →

I hope my kids never stop checking inside all of the closets for secret magical worlds.

Something magical happens when you finally get to start reading real chapter books to your kids, instead of the classic lift the flap books meant for toddlers. Since really, you do know exactly who's hiding under the table, and behind the chair, you've lifted that flap countless times, and you know teddy's behind it all...... Continue Reading →


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