Hanging up the grumpy socks.

"It's time to go guys! Socks on, pants on, shoes on, coats on, meet me by the door!" This phrase is always followed by a frantic flurry of four little boys and their flying shoes, socks, and pants. Always. Upon return from the great 'outside of our apartment' expedition, all 'outdoor' clothes are promptly removed... Continue Reading →

“What’s on the wall?”

I was barely pregnant with my first son when my friend came to visit with her little girl. I watched that sweet little toddler dip her hands in the BBQ chip bag on my kitchen counter. She then shoved the chips in her mouth, licked her fingers, and then began walking down my stairwell from... Continue Reading →

And so I started Reading

"I just don't know what to do!" My husband stood above me in the darkness as I lay in a crumpled heap on the floor next to my previously crying baby who was now staring at us with huge wide awake bug eyes. "How can I help you?" he quietly said. Future husbands of all... Continue Reading →

A Boy and his Blanket

With every baby, I would carefully select a blanket and a stuffy in the hopes that they would become attached to it. There was a lot of "Here, hold this... you love this... it's so cute and soft and snuggly!! Just let it soothe you... please..."

Have you tried resetting it?

"My phone is being so weird... like every time I open this app it crashes and the screen turns black..." I held my iPhone out towards my husband with a facial expression of, 'You know how to fix this don't you... obviously... since you bought and set up all of our other things with the... Continue Reading →

Stuck on the Ferris Wheel

"Mom! Can we ride the Ferris wheel?? Please??!" The plan was simple. My husband and I were going to divide and conquer inside the middle of the Disney California Adventure park. He would take our 8 year old on the 'Incredicoaster,' complete with its upside down mid-section, and I would take the other 3 boys... Continue Reading →

Leaving… on a jet-plane.

Family vacations hold a super special place in my heart. Every summer my parents would take us 4 kids on road-trips all over Canada and the United States. On my 7th birthday we spent the day at Disney World, which was a pretty hefty drive from our home in Ontario. But we did it, and... Continue Reading →


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