Goldfish crackers are for Sundays…

"Mom, can I eat these?!" He asked, his hand still inside the cupboard grasping a bag of goldfish crackers.  "No way man, those are for Sunday." I said, shaking my head. In our experience, goldfish crackers have been a snack staple in Sunday school classrooms since the dawn of time.  But, remember when life came... Continue Reading →

The most important thing…

I teach them so many things... like not to drink expired milk, and how to safely cross an intersection. How not to shoot their brothers in the eyeball with a Nerf dart, and how to put the toilet seat down... even though it still seems super optional 85% of the time. How to apologize, clean... Continue Reading →

Our Christmas Miracle

"Thank you God for our food, for my family, and for our new house. Amen." A little boy said with his head bent over his cereal bowl, and a spoon in hand. That's been a regular prayer at our house for a long time. We had been so used to praying it, so used to... Continue Reading →

The tale of the butternut squash.

"What is that?" he asked. I looked inside the final bag of groceries the heaven-sent delivery service had just brought to my door. "Oh, that's a butternut squash. We're going to make some soup today!" I pulled it out of the bag and set it on the counter, and then simultaneously my son and I... Continue Reading →

Raising Mr. Curiosity

He doesn't care that I'm in the middle of reading as he shoves a marker and yet another piece of paper on top of my open book. It's the 4th 'Can you draw this?' request of the morning, and it's only 8:05 a.m. "Mom! I want to learn about pterodactyls. How did they die? Can... Continue Reading →

Learning to savour…

I read the text message that had just come in on my phone... “Hey! We’re going away again this summer, would your family like to come stay at our house for a few weeks?” She meant her house... the one steps away from the beach, her house stocked with LEGO, water guns, books, and toys.... Continue Reading →

But always try to be kind…

"He did what now?" "You need to say sorry to him! Go on, give him a hug!" "We don't hurt our brothers." These phrases are said a lot in our home right now... I have four boys, four growing boys, who seem to get a surge of testosterone with every growth spurt they encounter. The... Continue Reading →

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