All of the dried macaroni…

"Mom, I like how Ethan sticks out his tongue when he's concentrating!" Fresh from a diaper change my little two year old works so hard at scooping the dried macaroni out of the box into his tiny cooking pot. It's the only age where it's still cute to wander around clad in a t-shirt and... Continue Reading →

When your baby turns 2.

To my baby who is no longer a baby... You were my fastest and most convenient birth. We called the midwife by 8 am, and stopped for coffee for Dad at 9 am. We got our own room at the hospital at 10:30 am, and by noon you were on my chest looking up at... Continue Reading →

She is as pretty as a mom.

I remember my very first Mother's Day, that one where I had my first son growing inside of my tummy. It felt so weird to even give myself the title of Mom, and I'd smile awkwardly and blush a lot when people would wish me a Happy Mother's Day. It kind of felt like I... Continue Reading →

Finding Fingerprints

Have you ever gone back and visited a place that was a huge part of your life, but you had forgotten a lot about it until you found yourself walking the very paths of that same place? Last week I took my kids to a 'learn all about the salmon life cycle' science class at... Continue Reading →

Watching it Grow

I sliced open the third apple of the snack hour and began removing the core and the skin for the picky eaters at my table. Suddenly there it was, staring up at me. A tiny little seed inside the apple had sprouted, and a little apple tree was already in the beginning stages of its... Continue Reading →

Sometimes your duvet explodes…

I didn't know your duvet could literally disintegrate and explode inside your zipped up duvet cover... until yesterday. Perhaps I had been a little suspicious from time to time due to a random floating feather. Also, why was the bottom of the blanket so fluffy when the middle was so flat? It must just be... Continue Reading →

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