Making memories with Uncle Fester.

"Wake up! It bloomed, and the conservatory opens in 12 minutes!" These are the words that every soundly sleeping husband longs to hear first thing in the morning. There's this flower you see. One of the rarest flowers ever. The corpse flower, named for the putrid stench it emits during the 48 hours that it... Continue Reading →

My superpower is confidence.

I used to say, "I'm such a good wife," as I held my husband's shrunken shirt straight from the dryer in my hands... again. I used to say, "I'm such a good mom," laced with sarcasm and followed by an eye roll when my kid would throw a super public fit about having to leave... Continue Reading →

“What’s it like raising 4 boys?”

This whole business of having 4 boys within 6.5 years has been one of my wildest adventures yet. We rode up the elevator the other day, the doors swung open at our floor and two kids purposefully fell over backwards out of the doors and started somersaulting down the hallway to our apartment. That would... Continue Reading →

How to get 4 Little Boys to Share a Bedroom

First off, live in a house with only 2 bedrooms, so there isn't even an option apart from sharing. The top parenting experts recommend giving children choices, which we have done. "Would you like to sleep in your bed? OK great, you'll find it located in the second bedroom." Become familiar with the marketplace aisles... Continue Reading →

5 Ways Mom Ruins our Fun

We know she loves us, don't worry about that... but sometimes it seems like she's just making up a whole pile of rules to ruin our fun. For instance, we'll be in the middle of a huge independent project and she'll come along, usually shriek, and be like, "You can't use water guns to fill... Continue Reading →

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