“I hate this coat!”

It was the verse of the day on my Bible App, and I had also just read it in a real 'Bible with paper pages' that morning. It was rolling around in my head and I thought, "I'm probably going to be needing to apply these words at some point today... And the rest of... Continue Reading →

A table for 6 please.

The most challenging space issue about living in 800 sq. feet with 6 people has been the absence of a table that we can all fit around. Until now. It's finally here. Some good things have to be waited for extra long, just so you really can savour how good they are. I've scavenged our... Continue Reading →

“I’m just making something mama.”

He works steadily stuffing 6 pillows and 4 blankets into a heap between the two couches. To me, it looks like a ginormous pillow and blanket explosion that I'm going to be tripping over in about 20 minutes after it's been abandoned. To him, it's a carefully constructed avalanche that he will soon attempt to... Continue Reading →

Post Holiday Homeschooling

This week is 'back to school' after two weeks of spring break. That's two weeks of 'not much of a routine,' and 'feel free to forget which direction to write a lowercase d.' Two weeks of 'wandering aimlessly around the house' because you have too much free time now that Mom isn't grabbing you every... Continue Reading →

On this day…

My Aunt and Uncle used to come every Easter to stay with us when I was a kid. I loved that, and I loved them, but I also really loved the full size crisped-rice solid chocolate bunny that they brought with them, FOR ME. We'd have a slow savour your coffee and muffin morning and... Continue Reading →

Raising kids is like baking a cake.

Ah yes. The long arduous process of transforming baby boys into men. "I need you to play with your little brother so I can make dinner..." "But are you going to pay me?" "Nope. Not gonna do that." "So then, what do I get after? Video games?" "Nope. You get dinner tonight and clean socks... Continue Reading →

Girls are weird.

Girls are weird. Only a girl can say that though without causing a bit of a ruckus. I live in a house with four small boys and one grown man and here's what I've discovered. These boys are so completely different from me. I often find myself explaining my behaviour to my sons while their... Continue Reading →


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