In Sickness AND in Health

I dug our wedding vows out of a dusty file folder today. It’s funny the memories that can come flooding back just looking at old 'paperwork.' I remembered how our pen had run out of ink in the middle of signing our registry, and how we just 'fake signed' instead. It made me laugh again... Continue Reading →

Who’s picking the movie?

Do you remember the Disney 'Frozen' movie craze? That time when little kids were singing the lyrics to "Let it Go" on every playground and inside every store, every single time you turned around? Yeah, we basically missed the boat on that one. We watched the movie ONE time when it came out, and that's... Continue Reading →

15 years of ordinary.

It's been 15 years since I walked down that aisle wearing that sparkly white dress, while the song "At Last" played in the background. Supreme irony as this 20 year old girl journeyed from the back of the church on her father's arm, to the hands of her handsome and smiling 21 year old soon-to-be... Continue Reading →

Girls are weird.

Girls are weird. Only a girl can say that though without causing a bit of a ruckus. I live in a house with four small boys and one grown man and here's what I've discovered. These boys are so completely different from me. I often find myself explaining my behaviour to my sons while their... Continue Reading →

It’s time for a love story.

"Who... is... that?!" My brain said to itself; because that's how thinking works... I saw this tall, handsome, enthusiastic man holding open the door for a crew of camp counselors. I knew in my very soul that I would have to go and meet that guy as soon as I could. That night I sat... Continue Reading →

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