The things I love…

"Mom!!! Dad's home, and he brought you flowers!" The element of surprise was slightly spoiled, but I stopped doing the dishes and turned to see my husband walking toward me holding a 6 inch potted hyacinth with bright pink flowers all over it. It was the week before Valentine's Day. He knows me. "Would you... Continue Reading →

What do you need?

I've learned a thing or two about toddlers over the past decade. They have high highs and low lows. They easily fall over and face first, and when they start to cry, they don't waste time whimpering softly, but rather they tend to let out an ear piercing wail for all to hear. Their meltdowns... Continue Reading →

A tale of the potty train.

I heard the bedroom door slam. I looked around the room and counted three boys. The three big boys. Where was my two year old? Filled with instant suspicion I opened his bedroom door to find him and his guilty looking face of concentration and effort. "Go mom! Go!" He yelled at me. Hmmm... His... Continue Reading →

It’s reading time.

"Hey guys, come and get some food, we're not eating again after this for at least two hours." There was a fine spread of apples, carrots, juicy oranges, cheese, and scrambled eggs. They came running. "Thank you for dinner mom!" my two year old said after he had finished his food and was sliding backwards... Continue Reading →

When $4.47 buys the perfect gift.

"Mom, can you please take us to Indigo? We want to buy YOU a Christmas present." Their little voices echoed loudly from their bedroom. I could hear them rattling around in their money jars, and shortly after they appeared by my side. Their little fists were filled with a variety of low currency coins. Their... Continue Reading →

The ‘love your brother’ project.

There wasn't much peace among brothers in our home anymore. Just fighting, arguing, punching, slapping, hollering... you name it, it was happening. One morning as I felt another strand of my hair turning bright white, I knew something had to change. I took the older brothers aside and we had a heart to heart. "I... Continue Reading →

Who’s picking the movie?

Do you remember the Disney 'Frozen' movie craze? That time when little kids were singing the lyrics to "Let it Go" on every playground and inside every store, every single time you turned around? Yeah, we basically missed the boat on that one. We watched the movie ONE time when it came out, and that's... Continue Reading →

Don’t stop repeating…

“I don’t get why we have to do this dumb school Mom. This typing program is the worst.” I’ve heard that same repetitive speech every day from him since we started that typing program last spring. He hates that it often feels difficult and relentless and that it takes so long to complete each level.... Continue Reading →

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