The things I love…

stack of love wooden blocks
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“Mom!!! Dad’s home, and he brought you flowers!”

The element of surprise was slightly spoiled, but I stopped doing the dishes and turned to see my husband walking toward me holding a 6 inch potted hyacinth with bright pink flowers all over it.

It was the week before Valentine’s Day. He knows me.

“Would you like it better if I told you what it cost?” He asked.

Of course I would like that. I have always, and will always, like that. As predicted, he got a steal of a deal and he consequently outsmarted the flower industry that hides away all of the affordable flowers the actual week of Valentine’s Day. The ‘purchase a week early plan.’

Be still my heart.

This little plant has been sitting on my counter for a week now serving as a continuous reminder of the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

A day where I cut out 6 construction paper hearts with each family member’s name on them and tape them to the wall with ‘not the best, but still thoughtful’ poems written to everyone.

A day where the 6 of us share a chocolate fondue and a heap of strawberries after a delectable dinner of frozen pizza.

A day where we read Valentine’s themed library books and watch a movie about Curious George getting into a bunch of heart themed monkey trouble. And a day… where I purposefully think about the things that I love…

And so began my list:

Pie. Any flavour, any type.

The way he hums while he chews… every single time he eats.

My Bible, my notebook, and a sharp pencil.

All of my sons playing together without fighting.

Being outside in nice weather, reaching an open space, and letting go of little hands while saying, “Go and run, be free!”

Sitting next to my best friend. Standing near my best friend. Walking beside my best friend. All of the things, as long as they are with my best friend.

Getting woken up in the morning and looking at the clock to find out that it’s almost 7 am and not anywhere near the 5 o’clocks.

A clean kitchen, a full jug of milk in the fridge, and freshly made granola in the jar.

A good book – without a book jacket, since they just slip around the whole time I’m trying to read them until eventually I free the book in frustration and hide it on the back of my bookshelf. Do you do that too? Feel free to add it to your list.

Building paper airplanes, and then taking turns standing on the table to fly them off into the abyss… also known as the living room.

Staying awake to see the end of the movie.

Eating an entire bag of potato chips late at night.

The ocean.

A surprise sunset.

Freshly fallen snow.

Sleeping babies in their beds.

Belly laughs.

Clearance chocolates the morning of February 15th.

And of course… the little flower from my thoughtful husband that reminded me I always need to be thinking of the things that I love in the first place.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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