A Race to the Library, and Elevator Antics 101

Today we raced to the library and back. With a baby in a stroller still, it often feels like all outings have a certain shelf life and time limitation. We also have time constraints of fitting in our outings so that naps are always at home, so they’re long and peaceful breaks in our day. Can I get an amen?

Once we reach the library, Ethan will sit patiently in the stroller while I frantically search for books – as long as he’s interested in the apple that I gave him. So… I have about 10 minutes of hunting time. I still think the library is the best ever, because it’s like a bookstore that let’s you borrow their books for FREE. I remember when the big boys finally figured out that we didn’t pay any money to use the library, they seemed suddenly on board to make the trek there and back in the interest of free anything.

So back to the 10 minutes. That 10 minutes also includes reigning in the other boys who think that crawling through the library shelves from the science books, to the biography books, to the poetry section is a well crafted tunneling expedition. And I wonder why I my hair is gradually turning white, not even grey, it’s jumping directly to stark white. Rude. Scream emoji insertion over this situation, all of the time. Oh well. That’s for a different post.

We’ve grabbed our library books, and prayed to God that the stroller basket doesn’t break, thus resulting in approximately 37 spilled books all over a main street. This hasn’t happened yet for which I am so grateful. We reach our elevator, almost home free. At the last second an older gentlemen pops into the elevator and greets us with exuberance.

“Four boys!” He exclaims and then does the rounds ruffling each one of their hairy heads. Noah chooses to engage while the big boys cringe, and with great glee he pokes the man right in the belly while yelling, “Boop!” I’m pretty sure the older gentleman was now a surprised older gentleman, who was eager to get out of the enclosed space.

We belly laughed, because it was funny and it seemed fitting. Imagine pinching someone’s face back when you’re a small child getting a face pinching. It was poetic and perfectly timed, and probably a little rude. Good news I still have many years left in their training program. Pressing on.

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  1. 😂 My favourite, “boop!” 🤣 Perhaps this nice gentleman will think twice, now that he knows how it feels to be suddenly “ruffled” by a stranger! (And a potential gang of them!) Thanks for the laughs!


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