On Running the Race

As a homeschooler, I was allowed to join the track and field day at the nearby school every year. The day was filled with obstacle courses, relays, running races, and a celebratory box of 2 in 1 flavoured Nerds to consume on the bus ride home. I loved every part of that day except for... Continue Reading →

Snow and Sentiment

"How is it Christmas already? I feel like this year went by really fast!" Someone exclaimed last week. Did you feel that too? Most of us felt that way at our house this year. It's our first Christmas in this house, yet shortly after every move we've ever made, the figuring out 'of where to... Continue Reading →

Just keep walking…

I love walking, like, so much. I don’t deal with traffic when I walk. I know exactly how long it’ll take me to get everywhere, and I love the feeling of my legs making the long strides to get me where I need to be. I LOVE stopping and looking at beautiful stuff along the... Continue Reading →

An Unfamiliar Christmas

"We have a surgery date for you... December 17th." She said over the phone. "Oh great!" I answered, followed by, "Oh wow, that's so close to Christmas..."  "Is that a problem?" She responded.  "No. Just an observation." I replied. And just like that, this Christmas took an unfamiliar dramatic twist.  I'm betting it's safe to... Continue Reading →

In Sickness AND in Health

I dug our wedding vows out of a dusty file folder today. It’s funny the memories that can come flooding back just looking at old 'paperwork.' I remembered how our pen had run out of ink in the middle of signing our registry, and how we just 'fake signed' instead. It made me laugh again... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Stories: The Space Launch

"T - 22 minutes." I said as I slathered the 8th warm sourdough bun with honey. We were fully immersed in a lunchtime assembly line, powering up before our SpaceX launch party. We found out about the launch a few days ago. We had been patiently waiting with our homemade straw rockets made from the NASA website... Continue Reading →

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