“I wonder if you’ll ever…”

These are the beginning words to questions I have often wondered and asked. Questions laced with hope, and a tiny bit of suspicion. Deep down I think I've always known the answer to these questions, which is "Yes, of course you will... but maybe not for awhile. Of course you will, probably really soon. And,... Continue Reading →

He hit me with his best shot…

He had a high fever when he went to bed, but he still managed to successfully sleep through the night. I checked on him several times before I went to bed myself. The next morning, still in the 5 am's, I heard him coming for me. I heard his hoarse cough grow louder as he... Continue Reading →

That time you had pneumonia…

He had been coughing for well over a week and running a fever too.┬áIt grew worse every time he hit the tiniest bit of cold air, and every time he ran. He woke up long before the sun every morning with a coughing fit, and he even coughed so violently once at the playground that... Continue Reading →

Learning to Climb

"I climb up!" He said confidently while standing at the bottom of the tiny rock wall at the playground. He grinned and reached his hand up to the first rock. His second hand followed, and then his feet joined the scaling process too. I stood back and watched his bold attempt. Nearby another 2 year... Continue Reading →

The things I love…

"Mom!!! Dad's home, and he brought you flowers!" The element of surprise was slightly spoiled, but I stopped doing the dishes and turned to see my husband walking toward me holding a 6 inch potted hyacinth with bright pink flowers all over it. It was the week before Valentine's Day. He knows me. "Would you... Continue Reading →

What do you need?

I've learned a thing or two about toddlers over the past decade. They have high highs and low lows. They easily fall over and face first, and when they start to cry, they don't waste time whimpering softly, but rather they tend to let out an ear piercing wail for all to hear. Their meltdowns... Continue Reading →

A tale of the potty train.

I heard the bedroom door slam. I looked around the room and counted three boys. The three big boys. Where was my two year old? Filled with instant suspicion I opened his bedroom door to find him and his guilty looking face of concentration and effort. "Go mom! Go!" He yelled at me. Hmmm... His... Continue Reading →


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