Poetry with 4 boys.


“Your teacher said we need to do some poetry this term…” I said the words to him like any good homeschooling mama would as he stared at me with a face of, “You must be joking.”

I wasn’t joking.

Did you know April is national poetry month? It’s true. I read it on the internet and then I even saw a display set up at the local library. That was simply all of the confirmation I needed. It was April, and it was time to get to work.

I chose my library books with great wisdom and care. And by that I actually mean, I picked the books with the greatest chance of appealing to four enthusiastic boys who just might have some not so positive feelings towards poetry.

And then every chance I got over the course of 24 hours… I just started reading aloud.

You’re going to sit next to me on the couch? Please enjoy this excerpt from: “I did it Because… How a Poem Happens” by: Loris Lesynski 

You’re sitting at the table eating a snack? I’m going to read the nonsensical adventures of “Runny Babbit” by: Shel Silverstein to you.

You’ve found me in the kitchen doing the dishes? I’ll be cracking open and sharing a bit from: “If you were a Chocolate Moustache and other poems” by: J. Patrick Lewis while I hand you dripping dishes and a towel with which to dry them.

By the end of the day we had been so immersed in the world of poetry that we started to construct our own. It began with normal interactions. The USUAL conversations would occur, but eventually we started answering each other in poetic verse instead of our day to day words…

Every hour on the hour, it became:

Can I eat?-2.png

At ‘Go meet friends at the playground’ time, and ‘We’ve got to go to preschool now’ time, it became:

bath time please-3.png

Near the end of the day when things were winding down, and the state of disheveled boys were truly being noticed… it became:

bath time please

And after dinner, when the house needs the most cleaning of all… when chores are aplenty and attention spans are far from concentrated, it became:

Hey man, STOP jumping on the couch! Stop! Don't do it! That couch is so old! Stop! Don't do it! Just do what you're told! The springs are BREAKING, the arms are SHAKING. I can feel my hair turning grey. Bouncing, and-6.png

And as it turns out, as we can now plainly see…
April is indeed, a month, immersed in poetry.

The rhymes just keep coming, no matter what I say.
Perhaps it will stop, once we finally hit the month… of May.



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