“It’s the best day ever, Mom!”

There have been many times that my son has declared with glee on his face and clearly in his heart, that “Today, is the best day ever!” He’ll bounce out of the room glowing and I’ll shake my head wondering why he would even say that.

To me, the day can feel so ordinary and filled with difficulties. I’ll focus on the shattered smoothie glass, my impatience, or how many times I’ve swept the kitchen floor. If I’m not careful, that can be my default response, especially when I’m tired.

I have to think way back to when I was a kid, and I had faith and wonder inside my brain like that. When I truly saw the simplest of things as making my day the best ever. It’s still there, I just have to search for it like the missing sock of every laundry load ever.

My kids always have faith that I will have breakfast for them the next morning. They have faith that their clothes will be clean and folded and waiting for them. They have faith that I’ll have the balloons blown up and all over the living room carpet the morning of their birthday, and they have faith that I’ll always be there to tighten their adjustable pants, help tie their shoe, and/or wipe their nose.

In the same way, they have a sense of wonder that I think we remember to appreciate when we become parents. For them, the best day ever can consist of, “Ok fine.. we can go to the playground in the rain.” It can be as simple as, “Want to make some popcorn for lunch?” when really you’re just so tired and out of potato chips, so why not just eat from a community popcorn bowl. And, strike another meal off the list.

“It’s the best day ever!” he says in a sing-songy voice as he skips out of the room.

For me, what makes my day the best ever? If I don’t consciously choose to look for it, this day will simply morph into the next day and the day after that, which then leads to a slippery slope of drudgery, self pity and auto-pilot existence.

Here’s the place I have to always start, Psalm 118:24, “This is the day that the Lord has made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it.” See that? I WILL. It’s a choice. So here I am choosing to see the very best in THIS day.

So, upon reflection, it was the best day ever, watching my toddler standing on the sky train seat, staring out the window and saying, “Oooo! Wow!” every 4 seconds.

It was the best day ever eating ice cream right out of the tub, because I am an adult and I bought it, and I can if I want to.

It was the best day ever seeing my son’s little hand stroke my husband’s hand in the most ridiculously loving fashion ever.

It was the best day ever the time I sniffled because my nose was threatening to run, and my son asked if I was ok and gave me a hug, when really I just needed a tissue.

And it was the best day ever when my toddler said, “Mom, you’re my friend. You love me so much.” Just like he always says about 12 times a day.

See, he’s right. Today is the best day ever. It’s chock full of blessings and wonder, they’re so special and ordinary, you’ll miss it if you’re not looking.

So look.

And then list them, and make it your new habit. Then choose to have the perspective like your kids do, that tomorrow will also be the best day ever.


12 thoughts on ““It’s the best day ever, Mom!”

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  1. I found it interesting to read your article from your real life story and it’s really good and memorable point to me….


  2. Love it! I just love hearing life stories with kids! They come up with some of the best things…thanks for sharing your stories and I look forward to many more.


  3. Sweet! I need to look at each day with the same kind of perspective and think on the good things things that happen in it. Love his positive attitude. Good lesson for all of us.


    1. I very recently just told the boys how we used to stay at your house during the summers, the pet rats, the deaf cat, the baseball games and birthday cookies the size of a cake. So glad you can read about my kids! Miss you!


  4. What a great post and encouragement, Rebecca! My new motto: this is the best day EVER, everyday! Keep the posts coming 🙌🏽


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